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It’s the tenth episode of the Rosalind Leigh production diaries and it’s a very special one for us in the EPK crew – it’s our interview with Adalaura Testani, real-life owner of the Rosalind Leigh house, the primary location for the movie.

You see, it wasn’t uncommon for potential interview subjects to evade our prying lens but Adalaura was by far our slipperiest customer. But we pursued her with a relentless tenacity, gradually breaking her down until it was easier for her to submit to our interrogations than to keep running.

So finally, on the last day of shooting at the home, we managed to get her in front of our camera. And I’m glad we persisted because she’s a lovely lady who offers a unique perspective on the film.

After all, the entire movie was inspired by her gothic castle deep in the suburbs of Toronto.

So here it is, for your viewing pleasure, the fabulous Ms. Adalaura Testani.


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