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Shirt Punch Occupies Atlanta

on January 31, 2012 | 3 Comments

“What is Shirt Punch?” you say?
Is that when someone jerseys you by flipping your T-shirt over your head, smashing you in the face and laughing manically as you stumble around?
Not quite. It’s actually a new site that offers pop-culture-themed T-shirts with the twist that a new design is offered daily and only available for 24 hours. Tomorrow’s design is aimed squarely at fans of The Walking Dead, as you can see, and we’ve got the exclusive sneak peek.

The design you see below is available at as of midnight EST tonight, for only 24 hours.

Responses to Shirt Punch Occupies Atlanta

  1. Love this T-shirt awsome ShirtPunch Great work I want this T-shirt at any cost

  2. Cool T-shirt I shared this image on my desktop sorry :)

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