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Garamania Cometh

on January 17, 2012 | 1 Comment

Mike Nordstrom of Burlington, Vermont is obsessed with Garamon, a monster from 1960s Japanese TV that looks like a Muppet crossed with a turtle crossed with a barnacle. So obsessed that he has a blog dedicated to the creature (and its “recycled alter-ego” named Pygmon), called Garamania.
His love of the kaiju critter has also led him to launch an art show dedicated to it, called Garamaniacal, which will take place at the FOE Store & Gallery in Western Massachusetts from February 10 to March 4. The opening night takes place from 6 k – 9 on the 10th (full details here).
Of the nearly 40 artists assembled to submit pieces, are Bob Eggleton, Jim Groman and one of our favourite creature geeks, Jason Edmiston, whose piece I’ve included above.
In addition, there’s also a colouring contest tied into the show, with some cool prizes, and the proceeds going to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. All the details are here.

But… that’s not enough for a Garamon fan of such proportions. Nordstrom is also becoming Garamon! He recently launched Garamike, a Kickstarter project aimed at getting him in an alginate, foam and silicone kaiju costume. You can see it coming together here, and here. He intends to premiere it as part of it at the art show.
It goes without saying: for those about to become Garamon, we salute you.

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