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Episode 036: DOUGLAS BUCK

on October 18, 2011 | 9 Comments

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It’s a special TORONTO AFTER DARK Film Festival related episode of the Rue Morgue Podcast.

This week in the hot seat, it’s filmmaker Douglas (Cutting Moments) Buck, one of the directors featured in the Grand-Guignol inspired horror anthology THE THEATRE BIZARRE – which has its Toronto premiere at the TORONTO AFTER DARK Film Festival at the TORONTO UNDERGROUND CINEMA on Sunday, Oct 23rd at 7 p.m.

The festival kicks off on Thurs, Oct. 20th with MONSTER BRAWL and runs until Thurs, Oct. 27th with THE INNKEEPERS.

For the complete TORONTO AFTER DARK line-up visit the website HERE.

And for more information on THE THEATRE BIZARRE, visit the film’s facebook page HERE.



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Responses to Episode 036: DOUGLAS BUCK

  1. Mike Tank says:

    This is going to sound ass-kissy, but I don’t care…

    I love Doug Buck. A smart, articulate, good-humored co-host, not to mention one helluva filmmaker.

    If you had just him or Andrea Subissati on every time, you would hear no complaints from me.

    I really wish I could be up there for the fest, but, as I always say….next year, I promise! ;)

  2. Feedback says:

    But Tank…

    You’ve now promised to come up next year for both FESTIVAL OF FEAR and TORONTO AFTER DARK.

    Surely, you’re deluding yourself! ;)

  3. Nick English says:

    So much time spent on the casting of the young girl.

    The spirit of Polanski has truly hijacked this podcast. ;)

  4. FEEDBACK says:

    “The spirit of Polanski has truly hijacked this podcast.”

    Shhh……we’re not allowed to mention Polanski or else Jimi will be here to pummel us with his ALL CAPS typing techniques!

  5. Andrew says:

    I just got to listen to this today, and I definitely agree with the idea that the over the top gore and sadism in a lot of hollywood horror reflects a sort of consumerism in film.

    Trailers look like grocery lists of violent set pieces, and I wouldn’t have thought so 5 years ago, but it got boring really fast.

    “Last summer he had to saw off one of his legs … this summer he’ll have to saw off both of his legs! (and we’ll just sort of half-assedly fill in the plot to get him there)”

  6. Feedback says:

    The most mind-bendingly absurd, drunken outtake in the history of my checkered radio career….

    If you’re going to THEATRE BIZARRE tonight – make sure you ask Douglas Buck the question, “So? Does the ACCIDENT belong in THEATRE BIZARRE?”

  7. Andrea says:

    That mp3 is amazing. I think the oxygen content in the Rue Morgue Studio of Schoolgirl Giggles must be low. Feedback, you should do a year-end show of outtakes! I’m curious what a mic grill slashing your nose open sounds like.

    And yes, Doug. Feedback is a tyrant to all his guests! And he can’t talk without also making hand gestures. These are basic Feedback mechanics.

  8. Marky Dark says:

    Nice interview. The last time I listened to Douglas Buck was on Rue Morgue Radio when you interviewed him for Sisters, which was very interesting also. Too bad the film turned out to be disappointing when I saw it recently. It was slow, visually bland and a bit boring, but I liked very much where he took the story towards the end. Looking forward to Theatre Bizarre though, sounds interesting.

  9. Feedback says:

    I think anyone who is a fan of Buck’s trilogy of shorts FAMILY PORTRAITS will agree that THE ACCIDENT is a return to form. It’s almost a perfect storm of elements – the right mood, camerawork, cast and conceit. It’s my personal favourite of THEATRE BIZARRE and next to CUTTING MOMENTS, my favourite of Buck’s work to date.

    But the question remains….


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