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Monstro Bizarro: Finding Plastic Bigfoot

on September 17, 2011 | 8 Comments

Toys inspired by the likes of Dracula, Wolfman, King Kong, Godzilla, Freddy, Jason, and countless other creepies have been filling the shelves for decades now.  Lest we not forget some of the more rare beasties, I thought it would be cool to offer up a virtual museum of Bigfoot/Yeti related toys for your perusal.  This hairy little collection certainly doesn’t include every plastic piece of bigfootery ever made, but it does offer evidence of the cool collectibles that have come and gone over the years.  Enjoy…

Marx Yeti (1962)

G.I. "Search for the Abomidable Snowman" (1973)

Bigfoot Halloween costume (circa 1970s)

Tomland "Famous Monsters of Legend" Snow Man (1977)

AMT Bigfoot Model Kit (1978)

AMT Bigfoot Model Kit (re-issue coming in 2012)

Kenner Bionic Bigfoot (1977)

G.I. Joe Bigfoot Adventure (Special Toy Show Exclusive)

Shadowbox Bigfoot - custom painted by me (1996)

G.I. Joe "Search for the Yeti" (2001)

Mezco Bigfoot - part of the Cryptozoology action figure line (2003)

Eye Witness Bionic Sasquatch (2004)

Accoutrements Bigfoot action figure (2004)

Accoutrements Cryptozoological Playset (2009)

Sasquatch/Caveman figure of unknown origins (painted by me)

custom Bigfoot figure of unknown origins (found on ebay)

Lego "Orient Expedition" Yeti's Hideout Playset

"Phantom of the Forest" Yeti Bobblehead

Gama Go Vinyl Yeti

Bigfoot Vinyl Figures by the artist known as "BIGFOOT" (

Jacklinks® Sasquatch Bobblehead

Horrorclix "Nightmares" Sasquatch (Game Piece)

Various relics from my own personal collection


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Responses to Monstro Bizarro: Finding Plastic Bigfoot

  1. James Burrell says:

    Awesome post, Lyle!

    The AMT Bigfoot model kit looks great; I might just have to pick up that reissue myself. Would also love to get that Cryptozoological playset as well.

    I actually have a couple of Yeti items in my own collection, and may try to post images of them at some point.

    Again, great job!

  2. Wendy says:

    Haha, I love it! Great collection!!

  3. David Goulet says:

    I love the GI Joe sets. Brings back memories of when Joe was Mr Adventure and not just an armyman shooting up Cobra.

    Isn’t there a Yeti vs Bigfoot movie? Who wins?

  4. Joe Cole says:

    Very cool. There is also one that moves i saw in a toy store by remote control.

  5. Jerem Morrow says:

    Ran across the AMT 78 model in a small comic shop a year or so ago. Great stuff.

  6. Trevor says:

    My favourites are the Yeti toys. Being that my hometown is Winnipeg, where the mercury dips down to -40 degrees Celsius on a fairly regular basis during the wintertime, it serves to reckon I would develop an affection for the abominable snowman.

    - T.

  7. Dave says:

    I love those green and brown vinyl Bigfoot figures — they’re hard to get. That Halloween costume could double as Danny Bonaduce With a Beard. I think the Famous Monster of Legend is my fave, though, as the Yeti doll is such a far cry from the image on the box, it’s just bizarre. He’s like some sort of a bohemian on a sleepover at Liberace’s house. Amazing collection of sas-stuff!

  8. Your sasquatch bigfoot plaster figure of unknown origin is a casting from the gabriel monster machine set. :)

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