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Lance Vs Lance: Finish him!

on August 27, 2011 | 11 Comments

Clearly a big part of Festival of Fear are the fans. In fact, the fans are really the biggest part. They’re the ones who face the line ups, recreate immaculate costumes and break restraining orders just to get close to their favourite serial killer/scream queen/monster. But fans aren’t just about wearing the t-shirt and owning the action figure. Some fans take it to the next level, which was the idea behind the Lance vs Lance panel this afternoon: who knows Lance Henriksen better? Henriksen or Rue Morgue Radio’s Last Chance Lance? Oh yes, things got strange.

Lance vs Lance: The only rule? There are no rules.

Moderated by RM’s Stewart “Feedback” Andrews, Lance and Lance answered questions about, you guessed it, Lance. To add a sporting element to the event fans would bet on which Lance (“Real Lance” or “Handsome Lance”) would answer the question correctly to win signed copies of Rue Morgue. Signed by Lance. Henriksen, that is.

Handsome Lance quiets Real Lance as Feedback looks on.

The questions were predictably unpredictable and certainly tested both Lances knowledge of Henriksen. Rapidly everyone lost count of the score as the actually trivia became secondary to Henriksen’s stories behind the facts (like being arrested for vagrancy in Arizona, reading a Pumpkin Head script in Rome and why he named his daughter Sage). As he noted, the whole thing felt somewhere between “the twilight zone” and “a revenge roast.” But the real hilarity started when the audience started posing the questions. Coming up with everything from specific X-Files references to the make of Henriksen’s first car to how he learned how to read, the crowd proved Last Chance Lance may hold Henriksen as his namesake but he is certainly not the only fan well versed in the lessons of Lance.

Three Lances for the price of one!

Correction: As Feedback pointed out in the comments section below ‘Handsome Lance’ came from an audience member and was in reference to Lance Henriksen. Corrected the caption above. Guess I got lost in the Lances.

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Responses to Lance Vs Lance: Finish him!

  1. FEEDBACK says:

    Not surprisingly……Lance won.

  2. FEEDBACK says:

    LANCE VERSUS LANCE was mad, chaotic, ill-conceived and utterly exhilarating!

    But the good news is, while this is gonna be a MONSTER edit for the Rue Morgue Podcast, the audio worked and we have a clean recording from the board (despite having only 2 mics between 3 people!).

    Did I mention we had only 2 mics between 3 people? Yeah….

  3. Mike Tank says:

    I purposely skipped the text on this entry to avoid spoilers (sorry, Kiva Reardon). Can’t wait to hear the results on the podcast.

    But I just had to check out the photos.

    “Real Lance quiets Handsome Lance as Feedback looks on.”

    If only Real Lance could sit in on the podcasts! ;)

    And I’m assuming that Last Chance was the one who decided to rename himself “Handsome Lance”…

  4. FEEDBACK says:

    And I’m assuming that Last Chance was the one who decided to rename himself “Handsome Lance”…

    I’m afraid Mr. Reardon is a little mixed on this. The ‘handsome Lance’ comment came from an audience member and was indeed directed at the REAL Lance.

  5. Trevor says:

    Um…that’d be the lovely Ms. Reardon actually.

  6. Kiva Reardon says:

    Oops, thanks Feedback. I blame the brain slip on the recycled air in the convention centre…and Henriksen’s soothing baritone. Fixing that now!

  7. mR. BuNgLe says:

    I was there, it was brilliant. Lance and Lance should go on the road together, their chemistry is stupendous.

    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast.

  8. FEEDBACK says:

    Oops. Looks like I’m the one who’s MIXED. I mistook the fella in the first FOF pic as the K Reardon in question.

    But I met the real KIVA today – and was only too happy to learn the real identity of this mysterious RM blogger!

  9. Andrea says:

    My favorite part was when “real Lance” asked LCL to stop fondling his doll.

  10. FEEDBACK says:

    My favourite part was watching the REAL Lance silently questioning his judgement for having participated in this madness.

    He was amazing though…..

  11. Andreas says:

    Lance Versus Lance was only surpassed by meeting the 2 Lance’s in the flesh!!!!

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