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Forget The Hoff, Bring on The Kauf: Lloyd Kaufman’s Q&A

on August 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

A Lloyd Kaufman Q&A is somewhere between a magnum opus and a cluster fuck—and we’re big Troma fans here at RM so we mean that as a compliment. You’re guaranteed to get not only a lesson on independent film making (he’s currently hawking his latest book, Sell Your Own Damn Movie) but also one on everything from French New Wave Cinema to Soviet Russia. Moderated by Rue’s own John Bowen, Kaufman answered questions on upcoming projects, Troma’s survival and why we need to preserve net neutrality. Here are a few quotable quotes from Troma’s fearless leader.

Real men wear skirts. Toxie flanked by Troma security.

On Troma’s survival: “The bumble bee is an anomaly in nature. It’s supposed to be too big and fat to fly. Troma is a bumble bee. And we have a very big stinger.”

On Motörhead’s Lemmy contributing music to Troma’s upcoming heavy metal murder musical (!!!) Mister Bricks: “We survive on people giving us stuff.”

On Troma’s political satire and commentary: “Toxic Avenger was commenting on the environment before Al Gore got on that. And invented the Internet.”

After telling everyone to read an article by Cornell West (“Dr. King Weeps From His Grave“) in yesterday’s New York Times: “I am pretty boring.”

When asked if he was ready to open the floor to questions: “Yes, I think my butt plug is in pretty good.”

His conclusion on the importance of net neutrality when it comes to generating creativity, promoting independent films and preventing monopolies: “And, [without it] we wouldn’t be able to see 2 Girls 1 Cup.”

The Troma family (left to right, back to front): Pat Swinney Kaufman, Troma Security 1, Toxie, Troma Security 2, Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D., Lloyd Kaufman

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