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Daddy’s Little Monster: Attack the Block

on August 20, 2011 | 3 Comments

Time for another wicked installment of Daddy’s Little Monster. This time, Ron takes the back seat and puts Emma behind the wheel…

Welcome to another edition of Daddy’s Little Monster. Tonight’s feature presentation? The British sci-fi/horror/action/comedy mash-up, Attack the Block. It’s just opened here in North America but we were fortunate enough to catch an advance screening of it in May. I’m gonna sit this one out and hand over the reins. So, without further ado, a 100% Little Monster’s view of Attack the Block.

Emma: Attack the Block takes place in South London, and it’s about a gang of young-kid muggers – is that a word? (Note: Insert “Yes, it is” from off-mic Dad.) Anyways, the kids are trying to mug this lady, when they get caught in the start of an alien attack. They kill the first alien that attacks them, but they find themselves being chased by the other aliens, and they’re bigger and way meaner. They run back to their apartment building in “the block” to hide out. The rest of the movie has the gang, along with the lady they tried to rob, fighting to stay alive.

I really, really liked this movie. It was funny, scary and exciting. It was also a lot gorier than I thought it was going to be. I also really liked the monsters. They were all black fur, without a light part on their body, like big hairy gorillas with these bright blue, neon fangs. They were really scary and really brutal. A lot of the chase scenes had me on the edge of my seat, because the kids get so close to being killed.

I thought the actors were all good. First of all, Nick Frost is in it. It’s a small role, but he’s always hilarious. I’ve loved him since Shaun of the Dead, so it was really cool to see him in this film. But this movie’s about the kids, and they’re great.  The actor who played Moses, the gang leader (John Boyega), was especially good. He goes from being this kinda jerk at the start of the movie to becoming a real hero who becomes responsible and goes off to save the day. When he kills one of the aliens, after everybody’s gone quiet, one of his friends just says, “Moses…ninja!” It was funny, but it was true: Moses becomes pretty brave and bad-ass by the end. I also liked the actor who played Pest (Alex Esmail), the youngest of the boys. He was kinda cute. I saw an interview with them online, and they sounded nothing like their characters in the film. In the film, they spoke with these really heavy accents with a lot of street slang, but in the interviews, they had these really “oh, cheerio” kind of British accents. So I was really surprised at how they stayed in character in the film. There are also two really young “gangsta” wannabes calling themselves Props and Mayhem, and they get one of the coolest scenes in the film. I don’t want to say anymore, except they find a really smart use for a Super Soaker.

The film also has awesome music by a group called Basement Jaxx. I’m really into Daft Punk after seeing Tron: Legacy, and this music really reminded me of that. It’s not robotic like some techno stuff is. It really fits the movie and the action, and it even uses old horror-movie-style music along with the electronic stuff. There’s this one awesome scene, where Moses is being chased down a hallway by the monsters. It’s all in slow motion, so everything’s really clear and detailed. The scene is shot really well and is very exciting, and a big part of that is because the music fits the scene so perfectly. I’ve already told Dad I want this soundtrack.

Now, as my dad always asks me, is this a suitable movie for kids who are into horror? For this one, I would have to say yes, if they’re anything like me. There’s a bit of bad language and there’s quite a bit of gore in it. Not a lot, but there were one or two kills that made me jump and say, “Ohmigod!”  If your kids have seen stuff like Evil Dead II or Creepshow, then they’ll be more than okay with this. It’s not just the gory stuff, though. There’s a scene where the kids are smoking, and I don’t mean cigarettes either. I know that some parents might get a little uncomfortable with the drug stuff, so you might want to think about that before taking your kids. It’s not as bad as Pineapple Express (Note from Ron: Yes, she’s seen Pineapple Express. Despite her enjoyment of said film, file it under “bad parental judgement.”), but the fact that the kids are smoking up might not be too cool with some parents. If that stuff’s okay with you, then I would say for 12-years-old and older. There’s also the accents. The kids speak with really strong accents and with a lot of slang. I didn’t have problems with it at all, but I heard some adults in the theatre whispering, “I don’t know what the eff he’s saying.” That’s really a little thing, though.

If you haven’t seen Attack the Block yet, then go see it now! The acting, the music, everything is all so good. It’s a fun, scary, exciting movie and probably my favourite horror movie of the year so far!

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Responses to Daddy’s Little Monster: Attack the Block

  1. Paul Counelis says:

    Well done!!

  2. Fred Garvin says:

    Nice review! I really want to see this one.

    BTW, I just recently bought the Tron: Legacy soundtrack and it’s awesome.

  3. Jay Sins says:

    When are there going to be more posts? My little monster and I can’t wait. We absolutely love it. Keep up the good work.

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