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A Haunting in a Convention Centre

on August 25, 2011 | 1 Comment

Ahh, the ye olde haunted house. A staple of any good roving carnival, Halloween party and, naturally, a horror convention. It’s come a long way since the days of grapes in a bowl as eye balls or spaghetti masquerading as brains. (Which by far makes the least sense anatomically…unless the brains had been put through a meat processor…anyways). Now top-notch haunted houses can be a showcase for horror makeup and animatronics. And of course, they’re also good for a jump or two.

Fort Fright is a Kingston based haunted house company who has been making the trek to Toronto annually for Festival of Fear (they do have a YYZ tie-in as TO’s own Boneyard Bargins creates the things that go bump in their house). RM took a tour. And it’s good. Bloody good.

My eyes! My eyesssss! And my ear.

Things might get messy.

Nice dental work.

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  1. David Goulet says:

    Their coffin ride certainly puts the fun in funeral too.

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