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Episode 005: KIER-LA JANISSE

on February 26, 2011 | 7 Comments

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As part of our ongoing series of Women in Horror, allow me to present one of the true TITANS of Canadian estrogen-infused horror shenanigans….

Ms. Kier-La Janisse: Horror journalist, festival programmer and the brains behind the Miskatonic University of Horror Studies in Montreal.



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Responses to Episode 005: KIER-LA JANISSE

  1. Mike Tank says:

    Wow. Talk about a work-a-holic! Usually your guests have 1, maybe 2 projects of interest to talk about. But 2 books, multiple film fests, a webzine, a documentary, and a SCHOOL? I don’t know where to start after hearing this! I want to check out every single thing she mentioned.
    We need more individuals like Ms. Janisse in the genre. I had read her reviews, etc, in the pages of RM, but had absolutely no clue that she was so tirelessly involved and passionate in so many other genre related endeavors. Endlessly fascinating interview, this one.
    And, oh yeah… I wish I lived in Canada. But I’ve often said that…for many reasons.
    Good show, old man!

  2. Feedback says:

    If you can find a copy of CELLULOID HORROR, I’d recommend checking it out (the audio at the top of this episode was pulled from the trailer for that doc.) More than anything, it’s a compelling profile on Kier-La and her obsessive passion for horror movies. I’m sure you’d dig it.

  3. Dave says:

    Go Kier-La!

  4. Curtis says:

    What was the music at the end of this episode? I really liked it.

  5. FEEDBACK says:

    The tune was the title theme to Argento’s TENEBRAE by GOBLIN. Awesome, isn’t it? One of my favs….

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  7. Thoroughly enjoyed this interview! Incidentally, people can purchase the DVD of “Celluloid Horror” directly from the filmmaker here:

    I bought it knowing nothing about Kier-La and her (now defunct) festival in Vancouver, but I enjoyed every last minute of it. A must for true horror fans, and it has some clips from rarer and difficult to find films.

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