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Audio Drome: Facebreaker

on November 4, 2010 | Leave a comment

Metal Blade Records
Swedish death metal band Facebreaker returns with a third album of thrashy jingles just perfect for your last exit. Though there’s not a lot of dynamics going on here – it’s pretty much standard issue two guitars, bass, drums and demonic growling throughout – the band lives up to its handle with a full bore approach on all 11 tracks, most of which temper the onslaught to around the three-minute mark for a kind of neatly prepared, fast food serving of aural annihilation. The lack of originality in the riffs and arrangements will probably be cause for metalheads to dismiss Facebreaker (imagine Deicide and Entombed had a baby…a big, hateful Swedish baby with, er…five heads) but horror fans will find vital sustenance in tracks such as ripping opener “Creeping Flesh,” “Cannibalistic,” “Reanimating the Dead” and the title track, in which lead throat masochist Robert Karlsson – whose lyrics are pleasantly half-assed discernible – admits he’d really just like to crush your head and eat your brain. Hey, at least he didn’t warn you. Anyway, it’s kind of balls out, all the time, but set in the context of the warmly-recorded guitars and cushy, distorted bass, Infected goes down easy and will still inspire you to bang your head. And if you ever find yourself fleeing from a gaggle of gut munchers, this would be a most apt score to your panicked suffering. TT ½

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