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The Genesis Of The New Rue Morgue Radio T-shirt

on October 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

Earlier this year, Rue Morgue founder Rodrigo Gudiño decided it was high time to christen RM‘s fashion fearward line of creepy clothing, jewelry and accessories, especially in light of the new slate of designs introduced at the 2010 Festival of Fear. Hence, Rue Morgue Finery was born – a name that, for us, perfectly summarizes our commitment to producing high-quality, orb-popping garments and apparel, designed by RM‘s very own Ghoulish Gary Pullin and Justin Erickson.

Readers often ask us where the guys get their ideas for their colourful graphics, so here’s what Justin had to say about one of the first new designs out of the rickety gate: the Rue Morgue Radio “Monsters-A-Go-Go” T-shirt.

“I was really excited about doing this particular design because I felt that Rue Morgue Radio deserved a new shirt to represent how much the show has grown over the years. It’s an audio program but the song selection, insane sound design and personalities build this intensely visual world in your mind. I had already touched on this in designing the album cover for RMR’s Hymns from the House of Horror compilation, but it was a place I was happy to revisit. The visual aids and branding for the show have always been rooted in a ’50s rockabilly vibe so dancing and jiving monsters capturing the energy of the show was just too fun not to try. Rue Morgue Radio is an audio monster party every week so I wanted the design to reflect that.”

As revealed in SPACE network’s recent Rue Morgue documentary special, Rod always envisioned Rue Morgue Radio to be something akin to an audio version of TV’s The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, a show that also featured its fair share of green-skinned monsters.

“Ghastly green has always been the colour we’ve used for everything Rue Morgue Radio-related so it was a natural selection,” says Justin of the shirt’s psychotropic palette. “I tried a few other colours during the process but they just didn’t seem like Rue Morgue Radio!”

With Rue Morgue Finery, we’ve also decided to always offer our designs in both men’s and women’s sizes so whether you’re a Monster or a Bride, you can dress accordingly for an evening of dancing to a jukebox full of Tomb Dragomir’s undead party cuts.

“What else would they be dancing to?” Justin says. “Rue Morgue Radio spins the best music a horror fan could ever want to hear in this life…or the next!”

To see the complete line of Rue Morgue Finery, click here.

Or Tune In, Turn On and Drop DEAD to Rue Morgue Radio here.

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Responses to The Genesis Of The New Rue Morgue Radio T-shirt

  1. Scotty says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of the t-shirts. Still waiting on my new one, but I wear my old one all the time. Today, in fact. Usually twice a week. Damn thing glows in the dark it’s so f’n cool.

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