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Rue Morgue Finery Announces A New Haunt, A Sale And Ultra-Rare Mags!

on October 4, 2010 | 1 Comment

Rue Morgue disciples in the Toronto area, rejoice! The full line of Rue Morgue Finery is now available at the Blue Banana Market in Kensington Market (250 Augusta Avenue, 416-594-6600).

Quick! You’ve also only got ’til this Friday to wrap yourself in the new psychotropic green RUE MORGUE RADIO MONSTERS-A-GO-GO T-shirt in men’s and women’s sizes for just $20 or the old school RUE MORGUE RADIO shirt for only $10! Plus, we’ve got other deadly new T-shirt designs, Gore-met aprons and trucker hats, girl’s underwear and matching tank tops, new pewter belt buckles, back issues, patches, posters, art prints and more! Check it all out here!

Rue Morgue Cinema’s Curious Stories, Crooked Symbols, the DVD of RM founder Rodrigo Gudiño’s three award-winning short films – The Eyes of Edward James, The Demonology of Desire and The Strange Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow – is now on sale for just $15! Also including the director’s commentary, featurettes, original trailers, screenplays, storyboards and production/publicity stills, this is a requisite addition to any horror lover’s collection. Get your creature claws on one here .

Starting with this month’s devastatingly comprehensive 128-page horror tome, otherwise known as this year’s Special Edition 13th Anniversary Halloween issue RM#105, Rue Morgue is now offering an extremely limited number of each issue signed by the Rue Crew. And you thought they were collectible before! Each month, 13 copies of the current Rue Morgue will be plucked out of circulation and signed by Founder/Publisher Rodrigo Gudiño, the editors, designers and staff of the biggest horror print publication in the world, as a way to offer fans the rare opportunity to own a piece of horror history. Over time, this sort of collector’s item increases in value, and can also make an extraordinary gift (not to mention ceremonial offering to the blood gods, if you’re into that kind of thing). To get yours, simply click here and head to the Special Offers section before it’s too late!

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