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French Piranha 3D poster = magnifique!

on July 5, 2010 | 2 Comments

This great foreign one-sheet for Alexandre Aja’s upcoming remake of Piranha was just released, and it’s awesome! A total homage to the original’s one-sheet (which itself was an homage/rip-off of the Jaws poster) by John Solie. This is way better then the poster we’re getting on this side of the pond. Love those faux poster folds!.

Check out the hi-res at IMP Awards here!

Responses to French Piranha 3D poster = magnifique!

  1. Nyetah says:

    buenisimo! oh wait, that’s not French. anyway, great poster!!! best in a long time, eh?

  2. Nyetah says:

    oh, and on the theme of cool poster art. has a cool piece on Polish made hollywood movie posters (including Rosemary’s Baby):

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